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Steps You Should Taking When Destroying Your Computer

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Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
June 8, 2016

If you have an old computer that you no longer have any use for, you might be wondering what to do with it. Before making any decision, you should know that many states have regulations where you can’t simply throw away your computer into the trash. This is because of the number of hazardous materials and heavy metals that are in computers. Instead of throwing away your old computers, recycling them is the preferred option of getting rid of electronics.

Within the recycling world, there are different ways to recycle. While wiping hard drives clean so that computers can then be re-used is considered a form of recycling, the most common method of computer recycling is when the physical computer is destroyed, and all parts that can be reused are sifted out, otherwise known as computer destruction.  One important thing to consider when destroying an old computer is that all of your old information is on the computer. Just because you may have deleted all the files from it, they are still written on the hard drive. This means you want to be careful about how you get rid of your computer. Some recycling companies are not certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency, which means all of your data on your computer could be at risk. With this in mind, it is essential that you take your old computer to a certified recycling company.

West Coast Computer Recycler offers safe and secure data destruction services. Since the US Environmental Protection Agency certifies them, you can rest easy knowing that they will safely and securely destroy your computer while also securely getting rid of any data that may be on it. In addition to hard drives, West Coast Computer Recycler also destroys laptops, RAM sticks, CD/DVDs, USB thumb drives, cassette tapes, and more.

For professional computer destruction or recycling services contact us for a quote today!

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