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HIPAA-Compliant Data Destruction in Orange County and Los Angeles, CA

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At West Coast Computer Recycler we offer end-to-end HIPAA compliant data destruction in Los Angeles, CA and Orange County, CA that are among the most secure in the industry. See how easy and secure it is to safely destroy old hard drives and other storage media. We also specialize in data center decommissioning in Los Angeles, CA and Orange County, CA.

You can learn more about our physical data destruction process below.

data destruction Process

Physical destruction of your media is not only the most secure means of ensuring complete destruction of your data, but also the most environmentally friendly and cost effective. Most hard drives and other computer storage media are completely recyclable and physical destruction is a fraction of the cost of any other means of data destruction.

WC Computer Recycler, Inc. knows that with any data destruction method, the number one priority is always data protection. All media destined for destruction is handled from start to finish with strict security measures. Our data destruction process ensures that your data is kept secure throughout the entire process.

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Secure Pickup

Schedule a pick-up or bring your media to one of our convenient locations in Los Angeles or Orange County. If you schedule a pick-up, your media will be transported securely in a locked container, and a chain of custody will be maintained throughout the entire data destruction process.

Scanned and Recorded

Once on site the hard drive are scanned into our database and the serial numbers are recorded for your Certificate of Assured Destruction.

Shredded and Recycled

Once all hard drives are scanned, they are immediately shredded in our Untha RS40 shredder, where the media is rendered into small irrecoverable pieces destined for recycling. WC Computer Recycler, Inc. follows EPA regulations is 100% HIPAA compliant with all electronic waste destruction, and offers the best HIPAA compliant data destruction in Los Angeles, CA

Confirmation of Destruction

WC Computer Recycler, Inc. will then provide a Certificate of Assured Destruction with the number of hard drives destroyed and the serials numbers of each drive.

Once files have been securely destroyed you will receive a Certification of Assured Destruction, visit the Certifications / Insurance page to view a sample of the certification.

Physical Data Destruction

West Coast Computer Recycler, Inc. offers physical data destruction solutions in Los Angeles, CA and Orange County CA for many types of computer storage media including:

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Hard Disk Drives

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USB Thumb Drives

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Solid State Drives

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Data Tape Cartridges

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Portable Devices

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RAM Sticks

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CD/DVD Media

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And More!

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Contact WC Computer Recycler, Inc. for a custom data destruction quote by filling out our online form or call us. What's more, end-to-end data center decommissioning in Los Angeles, CA and Orange County, CA is our specialty!

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