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ITAD services
Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
June 21, 2019

Electronic devices play a big role in businesses and companies. It’s important to also consider what happens to electronic devices once they are at the end of their life span. This is where ITAD services come into play. ITAD, also known as IT Asset Disposition is the process of getting rid of obsolete or unwanted electronic devices in a way that is both safe and environmentally friendly.

ITAD is important for companies because it helps to provide set guidelines of what to do with e-waste. Some of the steps that can be included in ITAD include determining when an electronic device has reached the end of its life cycle. It would also include what happens with the sensitive information that is on electronic devices. A common process that companies follow starts with refurbishment if the electronic device is still in working condition. If this is not an option, data destruction will often be the next step. Data destruction should be an important part of the ITAD process. All electronic devices from computers to fax machines and printers to tablets, have access to sensitive and identifying information. Even if the information is deleted from it, it can still be recovered. ITAD helps to determine the specific steps that need to take place to ensure this information is safely and ethically destroyed.

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