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IT Asset Management

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Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
June 7, 2019

It should be no surprise that IT assets such as computers, external hard drives and other devices are of key importance in helping a business run. As a result, it’s also important to have a task force that is responsible for keeping tabs on all devices. This is known as ITAM, or Information Technology Asset Management. Ensuring that you have secure ITAD services is a great place to start with this.

IT Asset Management is in charge of managing a business’s IT infrastructure. This means that all forms of hardware inventory is managed and decisions are made in regards to all aspects related to the IT asset lifecycle. An electronic device’s lifecycle starts from where devices are sourced from to what will happen to a device at the end of it’s lifecycle when it no longer works and is now considered as e-waste.  

At the end of an asset’s life cycle, part of the decisions should include where the device go to and how will information stored on the device stay secure? E-waste should not end up in landfills. Instead, third party recyclers should be used. Certified e-waste recycling companies will securely and safely recycle devices and will also do so in a way that is not harmful to the environment.

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