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Properly Disposing a Printer

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how to dispose of a printer
Daliah Okoro
Daliah Okoro
September 6, 2019

As the speed of new technologies being released increases, the amount of e-waste also increases. This is, in part, why ITAD, or IT Asset Disposal was created. For businesses, a secure ITAD plan helps to ensure a specific set of standards and regulations are in place in order to guide companies in how to answer questions such as, how to dispose of a printer. 

When it comes to getting rid of e-waste, there are certain things that cannot be done. For example, now that we know that throwing away e-waste in landfills can be harmful to the environment, many companies no longer allow this as part of their plan for e-waste. In fact, there are now legal repercussions that companies can face for not properly disposing of printers or other forms of electronic waste. Additionally, simply throwing away e-waste in the trash where it ends up in landfills, puts sensitive information at risk since identifying information that is stored in these electronic devices are now at risk of being recovered. 

So how should you properly dispose of a printer? Ink cartridges in printers can contain toxic substances that cannot end up in landfills. So the easiest answer to this question is to send the printer to a certified electronics recycler. An electronics recycling company that is certified will be up to date on all the standards when it comes to safely and effectively destroying electronic devices. Donating old printers that still work is another option to consider.

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