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Our Mission

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About WC Computer Recycler, Inc.

West Coast Computer Recycler, Inc. utilizes the most reliable data destruction process available. Using the same software employed by the Department of Defense, we wipe data from computer hard drives and data storage devices completely clean.

Unlike other data removal programs that only erase readable parts of a disk, our cutting-edge software removes all data from the disposed computer hard drives completely. Once the drives are clean, even the most advanced forensic computer scientists would be unable to access the information.  After this process is complete, we then physically destroy the component, making our process the most reliable in hard drive sanitization and data destruction.

100% HIPAA Compliant Electronic Waste Destruction

WC Computer Recycler, Inc. is 100% compliant with the rules that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act has established regarding the way in which electronic data is discarded. To protect you against liability we have developed our e-waste removal and recycling process to be in strict compliance with all HIPAA guidelines, and have processes in place to remain current on the latest local, state and federal laws regarding electronic waste disposal.

Our Values

WC Computer Recycler, Inc. is a service company targeting the growing challenge of proper, cost effective handling of e-waste.  Our mission is collection and separation of computers and electronic equipment for resale and/or downstream processing with companies that are responsible recyclers and deal appropriately with environmental, health and safety concerns. It is driven to build exceptional projects, enduring relationships and the most respected workforce in the recycling industry.

WC Computer Recycler, Inc. recognizes that the functions of environmental, quality, health and safety management are an integral part of its management system.

Our policy calls for continual improvement in its environmental, health and safety management system (EH&S), and it has committed to the following Environmental, Health and Safety principles:

Responsibility, Sustainability, and Transparency

West Coast Computer Recycler, Inc. ensures your safety by disposing of e-waste following EPA regulations and by destroying all sensitive data using the same software as the Department of Defense.

OSHAS 18001:2007
ISO 14001:2004
Bonded and Insured