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What Do E-Waste Centers Do?

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Top view of a Laptop and Cellphone - What do E-Waste Centers Do?
Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
April 17, 2020

With so many gadgets made from durable materials, e-waste has become a mounting problem across the world. While e-Waste centers can process most of it, many devices are still thrown out every year. With West Coast Computer Recyclers in full demand, there are still those who do not use these centers when they no longer have use for devices and gadgets around the office.

Understanding why and how e-Waste centers exist is the best way to help people around the world recycle their electronics so that it does not wind up in landfills or oceans.

What is E-Waste and What Do E-Waste Centers Do

Men throwing electronics to the recycle bin

Any electronic, whether it's a computer, old fax machine, smartphone, television, or other gadgets, can become e-waste. This term applies to any electronic equipment that is no longer useful and typically gets thrown out with other trash.

E-waste is considered hazardous to the environment for many reasons:

  1. It's not biodegradable
  2. May contain harsh chemicals or radioactive components, such as old microwaves
  3. May include CRTs (cathode ray tubes)

E-waste centers were created to recycle these gadgets, breaking down the parts and materials to be used for new devices or refurbishing salvageable electronics for reuse.

What Should You Do With Old Electronics

Electronic Devices - Laptop, Cellphone, Tablets

If you are thinking about throwing away an old gadget, you should not put it in the trash or bring it to a dump. Instead, you should find an e-waste center that will carefully recycle and repurpose your old gadgets.

When you throw out e-waste just like you would with your other garbage or recycling, these electronics typically wind up in landfills or may make their way into the ocean, where it will never biodegrade and may cause considerable harm.

Many organizations have come together to help stop e-waste and spread the word about recycling electronics instead. Even if you don't have time to refurbish your old electronics, you can call a local e-waste recycler who will safely dispose of them.

What Gadgets Classify as E-Waste

Any gadget that classifies as an electronic appliance is determined to be e-waste when it's no longer useful and in danger of being thrown away instead of recycled.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Computers
  2. Laptops
  3. Monitors
  4. Televisions
  5. Smartphones
  6. VCRs
  7. iPods
  8. MP3 players
  9. Media players
  10. Microwaves
  11. CD players
  12. Radios
  13. Tape players
  14. Game consoles
  15. Keyboards, mice, and computer accessories

If you need to get rid of old or unused electronics, do the right thing and call a local e-waste center to pick it up to ensure it is disposed of properly.

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