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Proper Disposal of Old Servers

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How should you dispose of old server hardware?
Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
February 7, 2020

A computer server is a device that allows you to connect multiple devices to the same network. Typically found in professional offices, they let the IT manager check on how individuals use the system. A server also helps you share information across two or more devices. You can send files to an office mate before an upcoming meeting and work on the same projects together. As servers contain private and confidential information, you can't just toss an old one in the dumpster outside. You need to look at how to dispose of old server parts to keep your information safe.

Data Breaches

The most important reason to get rid of old servers in the right way is to prevent data breaches. You might remember hearing about the hacks that Target, Sony and other companies had in the recent past. Hackers broke through their firewalls and found credit card numbers and addresses for millions of customers who shopped online. If you simply throw an old server in the garbage, you risk exposing the confidential data of your customers and employees to the general public. Anyone who walks by can grab those servers and use the data that they find.

No Selling

Though you might feel tempted to sell an old server or two, you should think about the legal implications of selling those parts. Several websites in the US and the UK ran stories in the past about people who bought old servers and found confidential information still stored inside. This information ranged from the names and addresses of clients to the credit cards and payment information for customers. Some even found payroll data and social security numbers of employees. Unless you use the right data destruction procedures, you cannot guarantee that you won't hand over confidential information to others.

Disposal Outsourcing

The best way to dispose of old server equipment is through outsourcing disposal

The best way to dispose of old server equipment is through outsourcing disposal. You can hire e-waste disposal companies that will wipe the storage and memory in the servers and recycle all the parts. This ensures that no one can get any of the information you need from the device and keep dangerous materials such as mercury out of the environment. Some disposal companies may require that you wipe the data first. They will then remove any parts that they can recycle and find ways to get rid of everything else.

Finding the Right Company

Unless you have unlimited storage space and don't mind keeping old servers around the office, you need to find someone who will dispose of those servers for you. E-waste recycling companies like West Coast Computer Recycler are your best choice because these companies have a deep understanding of the standards created by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They know what they can recycle and what parts they can put in a landfill. You don't need to worry about anyone stealing your data or how to contact an organization to pick up your old servers. E-waste companies do all the hard work to dispose of old server hardware and equipment.

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