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EPA Guidelines

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Daliah Okoro
Daliah Okoro
January 5, 2017

The EPA stands for the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This branch of the Federal Government was created to help protect human health as well as the environment. EPA guidelines are set up to help businesses and companies keep specific standards that will help to protect the environment and human health. One of the guidelines that the EPA has created is for E-Waste recycling facilities like West Coast computer recycler. In the past, recyclers were not held to any standards, which negatively affected both humans and the environment. Today, EPA guidelines help to ensure better practices.

The EPA guidelines for E-Waste Recycling companies help to promote better worker safety, better public health practices, and better environmental practices as well. These guidelines list 13 principles that help to ensure all recycling companies handle their materials safely and legally as well. Some of the laws include developing a policy that promotes reusing materials and the recovery of materials against incineration or landfill practices; developing a management system that leads to worker safety and caring for the environment; as well as methods that will help to reduce emissions as well as exposure of emissions during the recycling process in order to prevent harm to humans and the environment. Another part of the principles that have been formed includes using appropriate management throughout the entire recycling chain.

E-Waste Recycling companies that meet the guidelines of the EPA receive certifications. This certification process allows for consumers to know and to recognize those companies that are utilizing responsible recycling practices efficiently. When you see an E-Waste recycling company with an EPA certification, you can understand that the company has the best interest of its workers and the environment in mind. If you are looking for a company to recycle your E-Waste, be sure to be on the lookout for companies with an EPA certification.

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