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Guide to Hiring and Retaining IT Workers

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Hiring and Retaining IT Workers - IT Worker
Steve Thompson
Steve Thompson
September 10, 2021

As businesses have reopened and reorganized during the pandemic, employee retention has emerged as a top issue. After a year of working from home or not at all, many employees do not want to return to a normal workplace. It's up to CIOs to execute the best practices on how to attract, hire and retain IT workers.


Interview for recruiting

Due to the pandemic, demand has grown among businesses to move toward digital transformation so they can operate as a 24/7 cloud service with remote workers. The pandemic has also led to talent gaps that must be filled as many professionals rethink their careers. So IT firms must run recruiting campaigns that emphasize promoting their company values. IT firm Infrastructure was able to achieve a 97 percent retention rate based on a recruiting scheme of identifying candidates who fit the company's culture and strategy.

One of the best methods for hiring and retaining IT workers is a recruiting process driven by AI technology. Large companies particularly must sift through hundreds of resumes to narrow down a list of top candidates. This part of the process can be sped up with automated software that ranks candidates based on how well they match management criteria.

Employers must place emphasis on applicants who want to grow with a company on a long-term basis because the longer an individual works for an enterprise, the more productive they tend to be. A key indicator is how long they've worked at other jobs.

Shared Vision

One of the biggest challenges for IT managers is to find new talent with a shared vision that matches the company. Another indicator of long-term commitment is if the applicant is involved with team sports, which further suggests they can work well with others. People who are attracted to the company's vision and resonate with its story should be viewed as potential long=term loyal assets.

Education & Advancement

Personal development concept - person stepping up

Another useful strategy for hiring and retaining IT workers is to provide ongoing training and clarity over career advancement opportunities. Today's top talent - especially among millennials and GenZers - isn't interested in dead-end jobs. Recent industry studies show that 80 percent of these younger workers would leave a job if it didn't offer personal development opportunities.

Remote Working

CIOs are hiring and retaining IT workers as a business priority to achieve sustainability. The pandemic has led to an expansion of remote work opportunities, particularly for IT professionals. Remote work has proven to be the safest and most efficient form of social distancing when it comes to employment. It also increases employee satisfaction and flexibility. That's why IT firms should continue to focus on remote work for their own staffing.

Compensation Packages

Compensation package - Payment, insurance, process, decision, give, commission

Another way to attract the best IT talent is to offer impressive employee compensation packages. These days benefits, bonuses, and rewards help motivate employees to increase productivity and reach new milestones. Offering extra incentives shows you care about your workers' well-being and want to be part of their personal solutions to financial stability.

Flexibility & Engagement

Flexibility is now one of the main qualities up-and-coming talent is looking for. Many young people like working on their own devices and setting their own schedules. Employers who are sympathetic to this thinking will do better at attracting new talent.

Engaging with workers on a regular basis is another important strategy for building a loyal workforce. It's important to acknowledge worker contributions and to treat them as meaningful individuals rather than generic statistics.

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