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Safe IT Asset Disposal

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safe IT asset disposal
Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
November 22, 2019

When thinking about IT security, you should also be considering safe IT asset disposal. This must not only include safe procedures on how to recycle the items, but also how to keep information on the devices safe as well. You can actually prevent identity theft by recycling electronics, which not only is safe for keeping sensitive information out of the wrong hands but also helps the environment as well!

When you recycle electronics, you are also ensuring that the information on it is safe. Even when you delete your data from the device, the information can still be recovered. Through the recycling process, precious materials such as gold and nickel can be sourced from the device. Afterwards, the device and the memory unit will be physically destroyed. When it is destroyed, the information becomes completely irrecoverable, ensuring that your information will remain safe. When choosing a recycling company, make sure that you choose one that is certified as this will ensure that the company practices all standards when it comes to safety, environmental and security. The next time you have IT assets that have reached the end of their lifecycle, consider getting them recycled to ensure the data on them remains secure. 

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