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How Recycling Electronics Can Be Improved?

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electronics recycling
Daliah Okoro
Daliah Okoro
December 20, 2019

Businesses as well as customers are learning more about the benefits of recycling electronics. From ensuring data security to helping lower demand of natural resources, there are plenty of benefits to recycling. However, thousands of pounds of e-waste still end up in landfills every year, so how can electronics recycling be improved? Here are just some ideas that have been taking off that can continue the growth of e-waste recycling. 

Get More People to Recycle More Electronics

Did you know that in the fourth quarter of 2018, Apple sold 46.89 million iPhones worldwide? That’s a lot of old iPhones being thrown out where they end up in landfills. Instead of all these phones and other e-waste material ending up in landfills, more people need to start recycling. One of the best ways to do this is through educating the public on what is e-waste and how to go about recycling. 

Ban E-Waste Disposal

Currently, 23 states have passed e-waste recycling laws and only 15 have included disposal bans. As a result, almost all of these states saw a spike in e-waste recycling. If e-waste bans are initiated, meaning e-waste is banned from going into landfills, it is likely that e-waste will instead be recycled. 

Provide Collection Services

It’s true, more people are likely to recycle if it’s convenient for them. If someone has to drive miles out of the way just to drop off a phone, they will be less likely to do it. However, if there are convenient drop off centers located throughout an area, it is more likely that people will recycle. Additionally, many data security companies are also offering ‘pick up’ services where they will drive to a customer’s place of work and pick up e-waste that needs to be destroyed and recycled.  

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