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Computer Parts Recycling

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Parts in a computer that can be recycled
Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
February 21, 2020

Running a small or large business means that you go through computers faster than ordinary consumers do. You need to keep upgrading your system to keep up with the demands of customers and clients and to make sure that your employees can stay on top of their work. Depending on the popularity and usability of those old workstations, you might find that you can wipe the hard drive of any confidential information and sell it to put some extra money in your budget or donate them to an organization in need. As companies release new hardware regularly, you might be better off recycling your old computer or some of the parts than trying to find a buyer. Before looking into computer parts recycling, you need to make sure that you know what parts you can recycle from an old computer.

You Can't Just Throw It Away

Don't throw old computers in the trash, recycle them

An important thing to know about getting rid of an old computer is that you can't just throw the system away. Some parts of a computer are dangerous electronics that contain hazardous materials. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that more than two million tons of the waste found in landfills include electronic waste. Mercury and lead are just some of the dangerous materials found in those components. They can leak out from the components and contaminate that water system or the nearby ground.

Reusing Computer Parts

Before throwing away old computers, you should look at whether you can reuse some of the parts. If you have two or more systems that are older or have some problems, you might find that you can combine the two systems and create a basic computer. Those systems are suitable for training new workers or for part-time employees. You can often use the RAM from the old computer in a new system and reuse the graphic card and other basic parts. Some of those parts are useful to others who might buy from you too.

What Parts Can You Recycle?

Almost every part of a computer is something that you can recycle. This includes the battery, hard drive, and cables. While some parts contain gold or other materials that are worth money, separating those materials at home is difficult and usually not worth the time that you spend in terms of how much you get. You can also recycle the case that surrounds the computer and the optical drive. In most cases, you can recycle up to 98% of the computer's parts.

Reasons to Recycle

Recycling old computers will help you do your part to save the environment.

The number one reason to recycle an old computer is that it will help you do your part to save the environment. Recycling reduces the amount of e-waste that you send to local landfills and reduces the risk of contaminating the water supply. It takes less than an hour to strip your computer of reusable parts and decide what to send to a computer recycling company and what to save for future use. You can find e-waste recycling companies that will make sure all the parts of your old system are recycled.

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