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Recycling Old Chargers and Cables

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Different charging cables - Recycle Old Chargers and Cables
Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
September 4, 2020

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is currently the most massive growing waste stream in the world. The proliferation of cellphones and other small electronic devices leads to a record amount of chargers, wires, and cables entering the landfill.


You know the adage — "reduce, reuse, recycle." Unfortunately, "reducing" is difficult when it comes to e-waste. Even if your new device has the same plug type for its charging mechanism, cellphones, by default, come with a charger. So even if both your household cellphones have flat, USB-C type charging ports, you're going to wind up with two chargers. It never hurts to have a spare, but eventually, you will be left with two useless chargers when the tip type changes.


Mobile phone cable and charger.

Give them to a friend or family member. Make a post on Facebook or Nextdoor to see if anyone needs what you no longer need. Finding a new home for your chargers, wires, and cables are even more "green" than recycling it.

Try "freecycling" it. Check out Freecycle to see if it is active in your neighborhood. Freecycle is sort of like Craigslist, but for free stuff only. People post things that they're willing to give away for free, and then others claim the item and arrange a pickup at a location of your choice.

Donate them to a STEM program. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Many schools and youth groups have STEM programs. You can also see if your local scouting groups could use what you have to give away.

Repurpose it for your use. If you are a hobbyist, you may find another way to use all those components. What new invention can you use them in? Only your imagination limits you here.


Various cables and connectors spread on the floor.

Drop them off at Best Buy. There is a recycling kiosk in all of Best Buy's US locations just inside the front door. This may be the most convenient option for you if you live near one of their stores. They accept various e-waste, including chargers, cables, wires, and other things like plastic bags. Check out their website to see what they do and do not accept before you go.

Be on the lookout for community e-waste recycling days. Many communities designate days, weekends, or even months where they designate an e-waste recycling drop-off location. Other cities also have established e-waste recycling centers as part of a more extensive geographically-based recycling program.


Old cables and chargers.

Thus far, it's only been about the family junk drawer. But what if your business just went through a technology refresh and issued new cellphones, laptops, or desktop computers to its associates? You probably do not have only a drawer of useless chargers, wire, and cables; you have an entire room full of them.

Commercial e-waste recycling providers are your best solution. These firms will come to your site and haul away all that pesky e-waste sitting in a backroom or closet.

Not only do these recyclers provide your business with legally compliant e-waste recycling, but they also offer other business services as well. One popular option is data destruction, which is appropriate when recycling computers and servers.

You can conveniently recycle old chargers and cables with on-site pickup by calling a professional e-waste recycling provider today.

Let's face it; you're never going to use that mass of unused chargers, wires, and cables sitting in your junk drawer ever again. Be green and recycle.

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