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Why is Recycling Important?

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why is recycling important
Daliah Okoro
Daliah Okoro
August 9, 2019

Companies might not think about what happens to electronic devices once they reach the end of their lifecycle. This is where ITAD, or IT Asset Disposition comes into place. ITAD are the services that assist businesses in proper disposal of e-waste, including recycling. If you’re wondering why is recycling important, read on to find out more.  

One of the benefits of recycling is conserving natural resources. When we recycle e-waste, we’re recycling various parts of plastic, metals and even glass. Electronic devices such as phones and laptops have trace amounts of precious metals that are used, which can be reused in order to reduce the pressure on mining these natural resources. This also reduces pollution that goes into mining raw materials. Metals that can be recycled from e-waste include iron, aluminum, copper and precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, iridium and others. Recycling also reduces the amount of e-waste that is being sent to landfills and incinerators, which means decreasing the amount of toxic metals that can seep into the groundwater such as mercury. 

Another benefit aside from the impact on our health, is the security aspect. When businesses and companies use a certified e-waste recycling company, they are also ensuring that sensitive data is not going to fall into the wrong hands. Certified e-waste recycling companies ensure that all hard drives and other memory devices are physically destroyed making information that was stored on them irrecoverable. 

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