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What is the Open Security Foundation?

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open security foundation
Daliah Okoro
Daliah Okoro
October 12, 2018

Have you heard of the Open Security Foundation? If not, the foundation is a non-profit, public organization that was created in 2005 to function as a support for open source security projects. The company exists to empower all types of different organizations, and it does so by providing them with the knowledge and resources to be able to accurately detect, protect and decrease the risk of information security risks.

Open Security Foundation believes that security information and services should not be only for a few people. Instead, security services should be easily accessible for those who require these types of information and services in the first place. The Open Security Foundation also believes that open collaboration between various companies and individuals helps to streamline the process and prevents the need for redundant work.

The foundation also allows organizations and individuals the opportunity to provide charitable donations and contributions to help support other open source security projects. In addition to providing information and resources, Open Security Foundation also provides legal, administrative, policy guidelines, guidance and other forms of support to the numerous projects that they work with.

The team at Open Security Foundation includes world-class security experts, non-profit experts, programmers and leaders in the industry. The foundation supports open source security technologies such as Suricata, a free and open source network threat detection engine that is capable of detecting real-time intrusions. While Open Security Foundation helps to provide programs that keep systems secure, you and your business can also work to secure your e-waste data through a hard drive destruction certificate that you receive from a third party recycling company. A third party recycling company can offer e-waste destruction services where your e-waste such as old hard drives is physically destroyed, ensuring that your old data doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

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