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The Importance of a Data Destruction Certificate

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Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
September 2, 2017

Many companies are aware of the importance of data security. For many, data security consists of having strong passwords or firewalls in place. While this is true, another aspect of data security is what to do with old electronic devices storing sensitive information. Even when files are deleted, the information that is stored on them can still be recovered. The best way to ensure that the data is completely gone is to destroy the hard drive physically. Lucky for you, some companies specialize in data destruction. These companies will physically destroy the hard drives so that the information stored on the disk become virtually unreadable and irrecoverable. However, not all data destruction companies are the same. Be sure to choose a data destruction company that will offer a data destruction certificate. Read on to learn more about what you should look for in a data destruction certificate.

A certificate of data destruction is a company’s guarantee to the customer that all items that have been appropriately accounted for are destroyed. Information on a data destruction certificate should always include an itemized list of all of the things that have been destroyed. For example, it will say 20 computers, five hard drives, ten printers, or whatever the case may be. This will allow customers to have proof that all items are accounted for. Some certificates will also explain the process that was used. If various options are offered to get rid of information, the document will indicate which option was used. For example, was the electronic device wiped clean, crushed or shredded? If there are options, the certificate may specify which option was used. The most secure option to choose from when considering ways to keep your old files safe is to use complete data destruction. When choosing a data destruction company, be sure that they provide a certificate of destruction.

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