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The Top Laptop Security Trends Of This Year

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Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
September 14, 2016

In recent years, more and more people have been ditching their desktop computers and switching them for a laptop. Often cheaper and much more portable, laptops are quickly becoming the technology of choice for many business goers. However, this means that laptops have to be carefully considered when thinking about data security. To keep your laptop safe, here are some of the top laptop security trends of the year.

Companies such as Purism, have been offering a “kill switch” to users. With a kill switch, users have to flip a switch, and your camera and microphone are completely switched off, making it impenetrable to hackers in the cyber-verse. It has become common knowledge that even when your microphone or web camera are turned off, they can still sometimes be hacked into. With a kill switch, users can feel secure once again. There is also a kill switch offered for wireless and Bluetooth, which turns off inbound and outbound radio signals. If the “kill switch” catches on, perhaps more companies will be offering this feature in forthcoming products.

Another new safety feature comes from laptop makers such as Dell and Lenovo. These companies are releasing models that support Microsoft Hello. Microsoft Hello is a security system using infrared technology. A camera scans your face, which then grants you access to using the laptop. This feature eliminates the need for passwords as the infrared camera traces the unique characteristics of a user’s face. This technology, therefore, is extremely secure. Earlier in the year, the Pentagon even ordered this technology to be used on over 4 million PCs owned by the military. This infrared camera technology is already built into Windows 10, which makes it easy to use. It will be interesting to see whether or not Apple products follow this laptop security trend in the future.

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