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Recycling your Old Computer

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Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
July 17, 2015

While the fact that technology has been increasing at a seemingly faster and faster rate is not a bad thing, it does mean that consumers are forced to try and keep up. By the time you have finally bought a new product, it seems like there is already a more modern and faster version of what you have just purchased. Sometimes, new technologies make some pieces of electronics that are no longer relevant. We can see this most through standard desktops. Now, more often than not, consumers are using laptops or tablets. This leads to the fact that thousands of consumers have old computers lying around in their homes or stored in the basement. If you have an old computer and are not sure what to do about it, here are some ways to recycle your old computer.

First and foremost, old computers should be recycled so that they do not add to the growing problem of electronic waste. Before sending your computer off to be recycled; however, there are a few things you need to do. First, be sure to wipe all personal information from the hard drive. Merely deleting files will not do the trick. Overwriting your hard drive, even multiple times will ensure that any personal information you had stored on the computer will be irretrievable. WipeDrive and Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) are some programs you can use to do this. Before you donate your computer to a recycling center see if you can first donate it. Many nonprofit organizations may have use for computers and donations are almost always welcomed. Look around your community and see if any organizations or schools are looking for computers. The National Cristina Foundation is a great tool that searches nonprofits in your area. Dell Reconnect through Goodwill is another program that you can look into.

If it cannot be reused, be sure to recycle your computer through a reputable service. There are many recycling centers around, and many of them are not environmentally conscious. Check to see if they are an e-Steward certified company. If they are, it means that they are environmentally friendly; they do not throw things in landfills, do not use prison labor, and do not transport to developing countries. Best Buy and Dell are also reputable companies to go to.

Be sure to do your part in helping the environment by recycling or donating your old computer.

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