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Choosing Data Destruction Companies

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Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
June 21, 2017

An essential aspect of data security is the physical destruction of data. When sensitive information is stored on old hard drives, the information can still be accessed even if the information is deleted. The best way to ensure that old data remains safe is to destroy the data physically. However, with so many different data destruction companies out there, it may be challenging to figure out which company is the best for your needs. One thing to look for when choosing a data destruction company is to check their certifications. You’ll want to make sure that the data destruction company you select is R2/RIOS Certified.

When a company is R2/RIOS certified, it means that the company is following the Responsible Recycling Standard for Electronics Recyclers. These standards offer a set of standard safety measures, processes and documentation requirements that are used for Electronic Recyclers. These standards emphasize transparency, safety, and quality for companies. The R2/RIOS certification was created by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, which is an industry trade association that represents the scrap recycling industry. Something important to the R2/RIOS accreditation is that it also includes environmental standards. This allows for companies to tell their customers that electronic equipment is processed and recycled in such a way that it helps to protect the environment.

R2 and the R2 certification process was created in a unique partnership that combined private, nonprofit, and public sectors. These various sectors came together after recognizing that there was a need to discover best practices when it came to operational as well as environmental challenges in the electronics recycling industry. R2 certification is recognized by the U.S. EPA as well as the U.S. General Services Administration. If you are looking for a data destruction company, one place to start is to make sure the company is R2/RIOS certified.

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