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Ensure That Your Data is Destroyed by Certified Professionals

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Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
December 29, 2016

While data security has become an important issue for businesses, another part of data is not talked about as often. That is the destruction of data. When you need to get rid of sensitive information or identifying data from customers or employees, for example, the only way you can be sure that the data won’t resurface is if the data is destroyed. Even if you delete files from a computer a memory stick, the information is still stored in the hard-drive, and it can be resurfaced if it ever got into the wrong hands. The best way to ensure that the data is destroyed is by going to a data destruction certificate company.

When you go to a certified data destruction company, you can rest easy knowing that your information is going to be in good hands. Unfortunately, there are many non-certified data destruction and recycling companies out there. When you go to one of these non-certified businesses, you can’t be sure that your data was erased or destroyed at all. You can’t be sure that your information was actually resold on Craigslist or eBay and now a stranger has your data. Even worse, some non-certified companies also sell old hard drives and computers to Asia or Africa.

When you go to a certified company, you know that your data is in good hands from start to finish. Many companies offer secure pickup or on-site destruction. This means that they will come to you and destroy your data on site. Other companies will keep data in locked equipment as it is transferred to the off-site destruction site. The certified company will also provide you with a certificate stating which items were received and that all those items have been adequately destroyed leaving the data on them unreadable.

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