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Don’t Be A Victim Of Identity Theft & Data Breach: Secure Your Privacy

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Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
April 23, 2012

For all businesses, keeping both proprietary & customer information private and secure is a priority. When it comes to destroying confidential documents, many companies often choose to shred their documents by only using an office shredder. However, when it comes to destroying hard drives, RAM sticks, or/and USB thumb drives, we must rely on a more secure way to destroy these storage media devices. With identity theft, fraud, and data breaches on the rise, it is critical and imperative that businesses and large corporations turn to a data destruction company that is partnered with the National Association for Information Destruction or NAID.

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Although paper shredders are a convenient and quick method for destroying a printed document, businesses cannot rely on this method when destroying a hard drive. To assure yourself that your material or/and the hard drive has been destroyed and disposed of, it is vital that you choose a trustworthy hard drive data destruction provider that adheres to HIPAA guidelines and is NAID certified or is at the very least a NAID member. So now you may be wondering what sets NAID certified companies apart from those who are not certified. The following are just a few reasons why businesses are encouraged to go with a reputable company that is a NAID member or/and certified:

  • Certification of Destruction: Electronic waste and recycling companies who are NAID certified will ensure that your information is kept private and confidential as they provide an attestation of destruction, confirming that your data has been destroyed and that your personal information will not be disclosed, copied, transmitted, or reproduced in any way.
  • Abide by Federal Law: Another advantage that NAID companies provide to corporations is that they follow and abide by federal law, which again ensures your safety and protects sensitive data for your clients, customers, & patients.
  • Insured, licensed & bonded: Choosing a company that is insured, licensed and bonded provides an added benefit as it allows for protection against liabilities.

Whether you are a small mom’s & pop’s business or a big corporation, be sure to locate a certified data destruction company who possesses all these characteristics. By having a NAID certified company handle your data, you will be safeguarded against identity theft, data breach or/and fraud. With all these resources available, why not protect your identity the safe way.

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