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How Data Destruction Companies Can Help Your Business

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Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
July 19, 2017

With technology ever increasing, data security is always a hot button issue. When we think of data security, we often think of cybersecurity, firewalls and secure passwords to protect information that is stored on the cloud or the internet. However, sometimes we forget about data security when it comes to protecting the data that is stored on devices. Merely deleting files off of a device does not completely eradicate the information. To combat this, data destruction companies are precisely what you need.

Data destruction companies go above and beyond merely deleting files from your computer. When files are deleted, they can still be recovered from the hard drive. That’s where data destruction companies come in. These companies will physically destroy the hard drive making all information unreadable and irretrievable. One popular form of data erasure is a method that uses a system to overwrite the data stored on a device innumerable times, making the original data completely unreadable. Another approach is to put the electronic device under a strong magnet. The magnet will wipe the hard drive, once again making the original data unreadable.

While these methods indeed work at helping to prevent data from falling into the wrong hands, the only sure fire way to know your information will never be hacked is to undergo data destruction. Data destruction companies will physically shred old hard drives or other electronic devices that have old information stored on them. When the electronic device is physically destroyed and pulverized, it guarantees that the data is destroyed. If you need to get rid of old information, simply deleting files is not enough. Data destruction is the best way to ensure that sensitive or identifying information will not get into the wrong hands. If you old have old hard drives or electronic devices storing old information that is no longer needed, consider data destruction services to keep your info safe.

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