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What You Need To Know About Hard Drive Degaussers

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hard drive degausser
Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
December 21, 2018

When it comes to e-waste data destruction, various forms of destruction can take place. It’s necessary for e-waste to be destroyed in a certain way to ensure identifying data to be kept out of the wrong hands as well as to ensure that the electronic equipment is recycled ethically and in a way that is good for the environment. One popular option for e-waste destruction is a hard drive degausser.

A degausser is used on old electronic devices to make information stored on these devices unreadable and irretrievable. Degaussing is the process of demagnetizing a magnetic object that stores information such as a hard disk drive, a computer tape, or CRT monitor. When these devices are exposed to a magnetic field of higher intensity then their own, the place where the information is stored becomes demagnetized. Thus the info becomes neutralized and erased. While degaussing is required for agencies that have “classified” or “top secret” information, degaussing is also an excellent option for those companies and businesses that have personal and identifying information. Whether you are trying to protect your customer’s information or your employees, degaussing is an excellent option.

If you are wondering if computer tape and hard drives can be reused after degaussing, the answer depends on which form of media is being degaussed. Analog and digital video cartridges, for example, can be reused after going through a degausser machine. Different kind of media however such as hard disk drives cannot be reused after being degaussed. If the device is not going to be reused after degaussing, then the device can be recycled, and precious metals can be reused. If you are looking to get rid of old electronic devices in an ethical way that will keep sensitive and identifying the information out of the wrong hands, then degaussing is an excellent choice.

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