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Cyber Security for Mac and Windows

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Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
October 30, 2015

With the number of cyber attacks on the rise, computer systems are continually working on updating the security features of a product. Recently, Windows has released Windows 10, and Apple has released OS X El Capitan for Macs. Here are some of the features that are involved in the latest cybersecurity for Mac and Windows. Microsoft’s most recent version of their operating system has new security features such as Windows Hello. Say goodbye to pesky passwords because Windows Hello uses biometrics as the latest security feature. Users can choose to use their iris, face, or fingerprint to launch Windows 10 devices instead of entering a password. Another feature is Device Guard. The feature essentially blocks any application from opening if it has not been signed off by the Windows app store, a licensed enterprise, or specific software vendors. The idea is to help guard users against malware that comes from opening applications that have not been checked for safety risks.

The OS X El Capitan for Mac users also has new security features. One of these is the new System Integrity Protection function, or Rootless. Rootless makes sure that the Installer app can only modify any system files on your Mac. Administrator users can no longer make changes to the system folders. Rootless also protects users from unwittingly installing an application that is malware.

Moreover, El Capitan protects users from credentials being accessed through unprotected web servers. El Capitan requires any app that requests personal data from a user to access this information through a secure web browser. This makes your data such as credit card information even more secure.

It is essential to update your computer to the latest systems upgrades because most of the time, security systems are upgraded as well. The forms of cyber attacks are always changing, and so security updates are changing as well. To keep your computer safe as well as all the personal information that is stored on your computer, be sure to install regular upgrades to get the most up to date security on your computer. If you are replacing an older computer for one with these new cybersecurity features, be sure to recycle it at a certified facility.

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