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Future of Cyber Security

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Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
October 19, 2015

The future of cybersecurity is one that is always changing. Since the technology is growing at an exponential rate, it is sometimes hard for legislation and businesses to keep up with the latest safety measures. With this fast growing technology, it means that hackers and other cyber villains have access to harming thousands to even millions of people. Here are some future cybersecurity threats that we can be on the lookout for.

We will probably begin to see more cyber attacks that are targeted to a specific area or group of people. For example, one cohort that could potentially be at risk is all those that use social media. Many spam campaigns have already been zoning in on this area since million of users use sites such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and more every day. By merely mimicking these sites, trusting users will click on links that lead to spam. More blended attacks will also increase. For example, you might find attacks through mobile devices, the cloud, and even through your “friends” on social media.

Despite new challenges that cyber security may bring, there is still a silver lining. For one thing, cybersecurity is getting government backing as our nation’s government realizes how much of a threat cybersecurity will be soon. President Obama even stated that cybersecurity would be a priority in his budget where he asked for $14 billion to amp up defenses in 2016. Also, educational resources are now being pulled together as different organizations are working together to share their knowledge of cybersecurity. For example, experts from the NSA, the military, and Homeland Security are now working together to share their expertise with businesses to teach some of the best practices in cybersecurity. Even old electronics are at risk. That's why it is important to recycle your old computers at certified recycling facilities. You can get a quote here.

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