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Battle of the OS: Chrome vs Windows 10

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Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
December 18, 2015

With new technologies coming out seemingly daily, it seems hard to keep up. One such area of technology that is always improving are the options for computing. Do you choose a traditional laptop such as the new, Chromebook Pixel or do you go for a tablet such as the Microsoft Surface? Here is a breakdown of the two to help you decide which is the best operating system for you.

The Chromebook has a few standout pluses. For example, the battery life of this laptop is very long lasting. Gone are the days when you have to haul your charger around everywhere you go and always be on the lookout for an outlet. The Chromebook also has an incredible 8GB of RAM and a brilliant high-resolution screen making the picture and video quality fantastic. The trackpad on the laptop is also sensitive and responds well to the touch. Another advantage is the design is exquisite. Made from a solid aluminum slab, the laptop is smoother and softer than the MacBook Air and is elegant to the touch. It also has new USB-C ports. There are two USB 3.1 ports as well as two 3.0 ports and an SD card slot as well as the traditional headphone/mic jacks. The ports are also on both sides making it possible to plug in from either side of the computer. The downside to this machine is the expense with the starting price coming in at $1504.99

The Surface 3 from Microsoft is technically tablet but can easily double as a laptop with its detachable keyboard. Pros to the surface are its sleek design, the fact that it’s lightweight and exceptionally easily portable. Also, the Surface 3 has a nine-hour battery life, which, while it’s not as long as the Chromebook, it is still a lot longer than other rival laptops. Also, since the Surface is from Microsoft, it comes with a complimentary one-year subscription of the Office suite. The screen is 10.8 inches and 1,920 x 1,280 IPS is sharp and even trumps similarly priced laptops that are out there. The size of the screen and the quality of the colors make it great for watching videos as well as doing work. The Surface 3 is also much cheaper, coming in at only $400. If you plan on getting a new laptop, securely recycle your old one by sending it to our certified data destruction facility. Request a quote and recycle your old electronics today!

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