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What is Degaussing and How Does it Work

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what is degaussing
Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
September 24, 2018

When it comes to managing electronic waste properly, there are various ways that consumers can go about this. When determining which method to choose, you want to consider if it will allow for keeping your information safe. This is because merely deleting your information on the computer does not mean it’s erased. Data is stored on hard drives, and when a computer is retired, the old information can still be resurfaced. To combat this, taking your e-waste to an electronic recycler is a popular option. Another option is to degauss your hard drive. You may be wondering, what is degaussing? Read on to find out more!

Degaussing is a process that is used to make sure that information stored on hard drives cannot be recovered. The process involves putting the hard drive, or another form of media, into a powerful magnetic field. The magnetic field of the degausser is so powerful, the magnetic data that is on the hard disk or tape becomes neutralized, effectively erasing or making the information unreadable. Since all forms of magnetic media have a magnetic property, the magnetic property can be interfered with. A degausser can delete information because it generates a magnetic field so powerful that it will permanently remove the magnetic features that allow the media to store information. If those magnetic properties are removed, then the recorded data becomes unreadable.

Degaussing is a popular option when it comes to getting rid of electronic waste. When you send e-waste to a landfill, it does not guarantee that the information that is stored there will remain safe. Additionally, e-waste in landfills caused harm to the environment and increased the pressure on our natural resources. Degaussing ensures that your information remains secure as all information that was once stored on your e-waste becomes irretrievable.

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