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What is IT Asset Disposition?

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Daliah Okoro
Daliah Okoro
March 16, 2018

With the speed of which technology is changing in today’s world, it’s rather easy for companies to have large amounts of electronic waste build up. Companies are perhaps more and more familiar with standards that state electronics should not be thrown away into landfills and should instead be recycled. However, not all recyclers are the same. You’ll want to use ITAD recycling where you’ll receive a certification of hard drive disposition. This is one of the best ways to recycle large quantities of old electronic devices.

In case you’re not familiar with the term, ITAD stands for IT asset disposition, and it’s merely a fancy word to describe the business around disposing of electronic waste in a secure and environmentally friendly way. IT Asset Disposition refers explicitly to the industry standard of reusing, recycling and disposing of old electronic devices. The industry standards set standard practices for companies to use that are secure, safe and environmentally friendly. If a company does not meet these standards, then it is unclear if the company is using safe and environmentally friendly methods of getting rid of equipment. Additionally, if the rules are not met, then there is also a question regarding the security of e-waste handling. You’ll want to choose a company that can guarantee information stored on devices are not sold or not correctly destroyed. One way of ensuring data security is through IT Asset Disposition.

IT Asset Disposition also helps maintain proper standards for the environment. When electronic devices are thrown away into a landfill, trace amounts of hazardous materials can seep through the ground and contaminate water sources as well as the air that we breathe. Industry standards help to maintain data security through data destruction, environmental benefits through proper waste destruction and can even lead to financial benefits for companies through compliance as well as remarketing options.

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