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How Does Using Google Apps Affect My Data Security?

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Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
August 17, 2016

For a small business, using Google Apps is extremely helpful. It provides excel spreadsheets, word documents and more all in one, intuitive suite. One of the things that make using Google so beneficial is the fact that data is stored in the cloud. With information being stored in the cloud, you might wonder how using Google Apps could affect your data security. Lucky for you, Google is exceptionally secure in these matters. However, here are some things that you should know.

Millions of small businesses connect every day to Google Apps and share information through the cloud. With so much information being shared through the cloud, is your data vulnerable? The short answer is no. The security that Google Apps offers is excellent, but there are still some things to know and the steps you can take to make sure outside risks do not threaten your business. First, all data that is put into Google Apps does not belong to Google; it belongs to the user who placed the data into the system. None of the data entered is sold for advertising purposes; all data that is entered can be deleted, or accessed at any time. Also, data can only be accessed by Google employees while under strict compliance of the Privacy Policy and with Customer Agreement. While Google does an excellent job of keeping your data secure, there are some added things you can do as well.

With Google protecting your data from the inside, you can do some things to protect your data from the outside. Some of the most popular external threats include Phishers or those who attempt to trick employees into giving them their passwords or other valuable information. Phishers can do this in several ways. For example, they can pretend to pose as clients, government institutions, business partners or even co-workers. Before entering sensitive data information, be sure to make sure that you are providing the information to a reputable source. This is just one way you can help ensure your data security while using Google Apps.

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