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The Importance Of Secure Data Destruction

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Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
March 30, 2016

While for many of us it seems obvious to secure the physical grounds of a business, securing business data is a new idea. Taking it one step farther, securing sensitive information through firewalls and antivirus programs is essential, but have you considered the importance of secure data destruction as well? Data that you no longer need still might have identifying information and other data that would be troublesome if it got in the wrong hands. Here is some more information about the importance of keeping data safe with secure data destruction.

With technology changing so quickly, many businesses have old computers, monitors and hard drives stockpiled somewhere in storage. When old hard drives are not stored in a secure area, the information that was once on those hard drives can be found and taken. Even if all the files were deleted, they could still be recovered, and if this information gets into the wrong hands, it is never a good thing. When hackers retrieve deleted data, there is often personal information left on old documents. The data can vary from home addresses to credit card information to social security numbers. When you don’t secure your data, not only are you putting your employees at risk but your clients as well. The only way to completely get rid of old or deleted information from hard drives is to have the data destroyed. When shredding hard drives, there are two options, shredding onsite or offsite.

When shredding onsite, an outside company will come to your business and do all the shredding there. The other option is for the company to gather up all your old hard drives, place them in a secure vehicle, and then destroy the data at an off-site location. The benefits of an offsite location are that the company will have all the technology they need to destroy the data while simultaneously recycling all reusable parts properly. Contact West Coast Computer Recycler for a Quote today!

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