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Drop-Off Or Pick-Up? Which Is Best For Your Data Destruction Needs?

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Daliah Okoro
Daliah Okoro
July 29, 2017

Whether you are a large company or a smaller business, it is inevitable that you will have old information that will need to be rid of. Companies acquire personal and identifying information from their customers as well as their employees, and it is up to the company to keep this information safe. When the time comes, it is essential that companies use a hard drive shredding service to securely and efficiently get rid of old data. When choosing which data destruction company to use, consider whether or not you need a company that offers drop-offs or picks up.

If you a part of a large company, the best option for you may be a data destruction company that offers pickup services. Many companies will drive directly to your company and pick up all old hard drives and electronic devices that need to be shredded. Be sure that the company ensures that the data will be transported via a secure and locked vehicle and that your information will remain safe as it is transported to the off-site shredding facility. If you are a large company, you probably don’t have time to gather all the old belongings and transport them. Instead, make life easier for yourself and have a data shredding company come to you.

Smaller businesses, or those that do not have too many units that need to be shredded, may benefit from drop off services. Data shredding companies often have many drop off locations at various places. Find the most convenient drop off location for your business and gather all old units and drop them off during business hours. When you drop them off, you’ll know that your old units will be destroyed in a timely and efficient matter. Whether you are a large company or a small business, you will benefit from data destruction services.

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