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Cyber Crime Trends of 2015

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Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
September 18, 2015

As businesses move more towards doing business online, the amount of sensitive information that is being shared online increases. With this information stored and accessed via the web, there are more and more opportunities for cyber attacks to occur. With most of the year behind us, here is a look at some of the cybercrime trends.

As more and more business is done through the cloud, there have been more attacks aimed at the cloud than ever before. What professionals have found is that the trend of putting financial and personal data onto the cloud for safekeeping has grown at a faster rate than security for the cloud has been able to be created. As a result, there has been a widening security gap in the cloud, and more and more cyber attackers have taken advantage of this gap. The Internet of Things has also been a growing problem, but not for the reason you may think. Something as innocent as your refrigerator, car, or electronic picture frame can be the weak link for cyber attackers to gain access to your personal information. With more and more items being connected through the Internet of Things, more details need to be secured. Since these items that are being connected are relatively new, the cybersecurity community still needs time to work on creating new security to protect against malware threats.

While targeted attacks against specific corporations have been prevalent, attackers may soon come to find that some of the tasks they underwent to perform targeted attacks can become automated. This means that attackers can now create wide nets and spread it through the web, waiting to see who will fall prey. As a result, while targeted attacks may remain popular, we may find that smaller, personal attacks may begin to affect customers as well. The trend of targeting online payment systems has also grown. Researchers believe that the use of weak passwords is a significant factor regarding these attacks. These are just a few of the trends that have occurred just this year. Maintaining proper security systems on your devices can help you not fall victim to cyber attacks.

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