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Do You Know What The Future of Cyber Security Holds

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cyber security
Daliah Okoro
Daliah Okoro
July 9, 2015

As technology and the amount of information we share through the Internet increases, so too must our technology to protect valuable information. As of now, cyber security includes anything that helps protect the digital equipment that we use. Essentially, cyber security helps to prevent unauthorized access to information so that the data is not changed, destroyed, or stolen. With the growing use of the cloud and mobile devices, there will be many advancements in cybersecurity in the future.

As the Internet of Things quickly advances upon us, more and more items are being connected through Internet-connected cars, homes, cameras, watches, and much more. It is expected that within five years, consumers will be using over 40.9 billion connected devices, a massive increase from the 8.7 billion connected devices that were being used in 2012. With so many items being connected, there are increasing amounts of ways for there to be a soft spot in your security, which means more potential access points for hackers.

While a response may be to turn away from the growing technology, what is needed is a symbiotic relationship between humans and computers. With high functioning technology, humans can create a system that can detect, prioritize, and then efficiently act against the thousands of threats that consumers and enterprises face. Sometimes, a system can detect threats, but if there is no standard way to prioritize the warnings, then there is no action done – and if there is, sometimes it can be too late. We cannot do it alone. Humans cannot sift through the millions of threats that take place over the Internet everyday. With the help of newer technologies; however, we can work together in creating a safer space for our valuable information that is shared over the cloud and the rest of the Internet.

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