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The Case for Onsite Hard Drive Shredding

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Daliah Okoro
Daliah Okoro
May 11, 2016

If your business or company is ready to retire old computers, merely deleting the information off of these computers is not enough. Sensitive information such as emails, budgetary numbers, invoices, and personal information are still stored on the hard drive. The only way to ultimately ensure that this information will be untraceable is to use data destruction. There are many different types of data destruction services that are offered. However, one of the most reliable ways to destroy data is by shredding the hard drive. Companies that need this service are those who do not plan on reusing or giving away their old computers. This is the best way to ensure your information will not resurface in the wrong hands.

If hard drive shredding sounds right for you, consider getting onsite data destruction. This means that the company you hire will come directly to your place of business and destroy the data on site. This is a massive appeal to many because you can keep track of your computers the whole time so you know that none of your information will be at risk. Off-site companies pack up your computers and drive away, leaving you unsure of what is happening in the process. With on-site hard drive shredding companies, they will keep you in the loop from start to finish. You can even witness the data process if you so choose. That way, you can know for sure that your data has not been breached. It is also easier than having to drop off equipment yourself to a third party data destruction company. Why make the trip when a company is willing to come to you?

Many different companies are offering on-site hard drive shredding services all with competing prices.

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