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Can Data Security and Privacy Coexist Together?

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Can Data Security and Privacy Coexist Together?
Daliah Okoro
Daliah Okoro
October 31, 2014

With the amount of data circulating companies, sometimes there is a fear that personal privacy can be lost. Whenever information is entered into a company’s database, the data is backed up for security purposes. Sometimes it is backed up at offsite locations as well. Many times, companies will have up to 10 copies of data information. This makes it difficult to erase your information from all the various backups. Because of this, many companies often search for companies that offer secure data privacy in Los Angeles to keep their information very safe. Although becoming anonymous from these multiple backups is hard, it is not impossible.

One way is for the company to use an algorithm that will mask the personal information. For example, you can change a zip code to a random set of characters so that your zip code will not be identified with an individual’s information. There are even a variety of products that can be purchased that will create algorithms for you. Potentially, you can also come up with your algorithm if you know computer science. Before this can happen; however, a company needs to be informed about where every piece of information is stored, since a lot of the backups will be at an offsite location. From there, the company can figure out how many copies of the data exist and if there is any more vital information stored at one place over another. Doing this will allow the company to track every piece of stored data and see where it originated from, as well as seeing any other places it will be saved.

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