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Be Protected with Secure Data Destruction

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Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
June 27, 2013

When it comes to getting rid of confidential data in an office setting, it is crucial to keep in mind the risks that may ensue if no precautions have been taken. Identity theft can be a widespread issue especially in the workplace when your personal information is vulnerable to easy access and improper disclosure. There is nothing more disconcerting than to be under the impression that you are safe when getting rid of confidential files only to find they are still retrievable in some way and end up in the wrong hands. At West Coast Computer Recycler, we can prevent instances like this and help you avoid falling victim to identity theft and data breaches. Through our careful and professional handling of your materials, we can reassure our customers that our services are reliable and trustworthy. We dispose of confidential material responsibly and handle hazardous materials safely to prevent waste from entering into landfills.

We recycle e-waste responsibly, breaking down materials into elements that can be reused. Responsible recycling refers to reuse and proper recovery of electronic equipment that can be remanufactured and sold as refurbished products. Many companies are encouraged to hire a professional to wholly and correctly destruct, wipe or degauss information from hard drives. So what is data destruction? Data destruction is defined as the literal eradication of data from computers, hard drives, and any other storage media devices. By destruction, we don’t mean using a hammer to destroy hard drives. Because companies handle an endless amount of files, much of which are personal information (i.e., financial records) it must be disposed of appropriately. There are many ways to clear a hard drive so choose a method that is suitable for your needs. It is not unusual for companies to trade in their old PCs for new computer systems with better capabilities and a faster processor.

Whether you are upgrading to a new PC or an iMac, it is critical that you find a reliable IT disposal firm to help you destroy your hard drive securely and to recycle your old computer properly. Companies should pay closer attention to how their data is erased when switching to new computer systems. Not only is the company information in jeopardy but also client information may be leaked to other sources. Turn to West Coast Computer Recycler, and we will ease your worries. We will help assist companies with secure removal of all data. We provide a certificate of destruction that includes proof of secure hard drive data destruction. Be sure to choose a recycling firm that you can wholeheartedly trust with your sensitive documents.

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