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America Recycles Day

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America Recycles Day
Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
November 9, 2018

At some point or another, you have probably heard of the benefits of e-waste recycling. When you recycle your e-waste, it means that you help prevent old electronic equipment from being put in landfills where they can eventually do some severe damage to the ground and earth’s natural water reserves. Additionally, e-waste recycling helps to reuse natural resources such as gold and other precious minerals. To help spread the word of the benefits of recycling, partake in America Recycles Day, which is held on November 15th.

America Recycles Day has three parts. It consists of learning, acting and then sharing. When you pledge to partake in America Recycles Day, you agree to learn about what materials are collected in your community for recycling. Once you determine which materials can be collected and recycled around you, you pledge to act. Within the next month, you promise to reduce the amount of waste that you, as an individual produce. Additionally, if something is needed to be bought, a participant of America Recycles Day will also try to purchase products that have been made with recycled content. Additionally, you can try and reuse different items in order to prevent having to buy all new things.

Finally, you share the news. Within the next month, a participant of America Recycles Day will encourage just one family member or one friend to take the #BeRecycled pledge as well. So far, for this year’s America Recycles Day, 76,318 people have already taken the oath! When you commit to reducing your waste, reusing materials and recycling more, you are having a significant impact on the rest of America. When you pledge to be a part of America Recycles Day, you also commit to recycling more of a specific item. In 2018, 29% of participants pledged to recycle plastic bottles and caps, 28% of participants pledged to recycle plastic bags and wraps; 20% chose to recycle unwanted mail; 12% decided to recycle more cartons; 8% chose to recycle mobile devices, and 3% decided to recycle 3% shampoo bottles.

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