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What Services are Typically Offered by E-Waste Recycling Companies?

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Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
July 13, 2018

When it comes to electronic waste, it’s essential that you or your company refrain from simply throwing away the e-waste in the garbage where it will eventually wind up in a landfill. Instead, you’ll want to find a certified e-waste recycling company that can offer a variety of electronics recycling services that may be right for you. If you’ve never worked with an e-waste recycling company before, here are some typical services that you might expect to be offered.

First and foremost, the certified company will be able to offer you recycling services for your electronics. The problem with throwing away electronics is that precious metals such as gold and reusable resources such as plastic are being wasted. An e-waste recycling company will be able to separate the waste from the recyclable materials and other materials that can be reused.

E-Waste recycling companies will also likely offer data destruction services. The physical destruction of equipment is the best way to ensure that sensitive and identifying data will not fall into the wrong hands. Even when data is deleted from a computer, for example, it can still be found in the hard drive. Therefore, the only way to ensure the information is gone for good is by using a high powered shredder that e-waste companies offer.

Some e-waste companies might also offer resources to make it easier for you or your company to get services. For example, a company might provide a simple drop off location if you have a small number of devices that need to be recycled. If you have a large amount of e-waste that needs to be recycled, companies will also offer a secure pickup option. This means that the company will drive to your location, pick the equipment for you and securely transport it to their off-site location. These are just some of the resources you can expect from an e-waste company.

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