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Proper Data Destruction & Why It's Crucial To Your Business!

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Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
February 3, 2016

If you have a business, you are probably aware that data security is paramount in keeping your business, your employees, and your partners safe. However, did you know that data destruction is also a part of data security as well? Proper data destruction is a critical part of any business. One of the best practices your business can do is to create a policy or destruction plan so that when the time is right, you and your company will know what to do. Do you wonder why secure hard drive data destruction is so crucial to your business?

Your data destruction plan should include where valuable information will be stored before it is destroyed as well as a timeline for the destruction of the data. It is often a good idea to partner with a certified company that deals with data destruction for businesses. This also includes the destruction of hard drives. It is important to note that even after all files have been deleted from a hard drive, the information can still be gleaned from it. The best way to ensure that your data is safe is to have old hard drives destroyed.

As stated, the protection of data is vital. Not only are you protecting your business, but you also have to protect the sensitive information of your customers as well. While many companies are efficient in using firewalls and antivirus software to safeguard live data, many companies forget that information is stored on old electronics as well. In the past, there have been some incidents where recycling centers have taken information from the computers that people have dropped off. To avoid this, make sure that the company your business uses to recycle e-waste is certified from a company such as NAID - the National Association for Information Destruction. Destruction companies will also often make their services available for other office equipment including microfilm, audio, and videotapes, bank cards, microfilm and more.  This can be achieved by hiring a professional. Call West Coast Computer Recycler for a quote today!

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