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What To Look For In A Data Shredding Company

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Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
July 7, 2017

With the amount of electronic waste on the rise, data shredding services have also grown in popularity. In today’s world, sensitive and identifying information is often stored on computers. Even when the information is deleted, the data is still stored in a computer’s hard drive, which makes identity theft and hacking a severe possibility if gotten into the wrong hands. As a result, data shredding companies have grown in popularity as these companies offer the most secure way to get rid of sensitive information. However, not all data shredding services are alike. Here are some things you should look out for when choosing a data shredding company.

Some data shredding companies will offer different services. Some provide on-site shredding while others offer off-site shredding and others still will offer both services. On-site shredding is when the company will go directly to a customer and shred the data on site. Off-site shredding is when all e-waste is taken from the customer and taken to the company’s off-site facility where it will then be shredded. When choosing a data destruction company, be sure that the company will offer a Certificate of Destruction. This certificate will verify which items were destroyed and will include the date and time of destruction. Some shredding companies will also be certified by the National Association for Information Destruction, which means they offer high levels of security standards in their destruction process.

There are other security measures that customers should be on the lookout for. For example, if there is off-site shredding, how will the information be transported? All information should be transported via locked containers and a secure truck as well. Transporting sensitive information to an offsite location must be secured every step of the way. This may also include whether or not data destruction companies have performed security background checks of their employees. These are just some of the services customers should look for when choosing a data destruction company.

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