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How to Choose a Reputable E-Waste Recycling Company

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Daliah Okoro
Daliah Okoro
December 16, 2012

As we live in a technology-driven world, many of our items are run electronically which means electronic waste is becoming more of a global issue. With more and more advanced versions of laptops, smartphones, and computers hitting the shelves we tend to carelessly dispose of our old and unused electronics in landfills. This unfortunate habit contributes to global warming and pollution. All electronic devices are automatically classified as hazardous if disposed of in a trash can. To prevent this kind of practice, many countries, like the United States, enforce strict laws and regulations that promote e-waste recycling. Through e-waste recycling, many of these old electronic devices are re-manufactured and sold as refurbished items. E-waste recycling not only minimizes trash left on landfills and saves the environment but it also provides the opportunity for businesses to generate profit from re-manufacturing these unused electronics. That being said, this drives the economy. When we finally realize the importance of e-waste recycling, it is now time to choose a reputable and trusted e-waste recycling company. Here are a few guidelines when selecting an e-waste recycling company:

Choose a company with the appropriate certifications and credentials:

Before choosing an e-waste recycler, you have to make sure the company is operating under strict environmental compliance. It is also vital that you want one that is certified to do the job; preferably NAID certified or at the very least is a NAID member. NAID certified companies, like West Coast Computer Recycler, follow HIPAA provisions which means they protect customers against any liability regarding e-waste recycling. NAID certified recycling firms also ensure that all your data is kept confidential and private. Many corporations and businesses are encouraged to find data destruction firms that are NAID certified to make sure that no information will be copied, transmitted or reproduced without permission.

Select a firm that specializes in the field:

This tip may sound obvious, but one cannot assume that regular recycling companies provide e-waste recycling services. Although some recycling companies do offer this service, it is recommended that you select a firm that specializes in both e-waste recycling and secure hard drive destruction. By choosing a firm that specializes in both areas, corporations and businesses will find it much more convenient and less time consuming than firms that do not provide both services. Not all recycling companies offer the same services so be careful when hiring a recycling company. Be advised to check out a company that is capable of handling the type of media or device you are bringing in for recycling and data destruction.

Hire a company that provides references:

Any company you plan to hire should be able to offer you a list of references that will make your decision much more straightforward. Often we base our decision on the quality and quantity of recommendations. Carefully looking through a firm’s recommendations allows us to see whether or not they comply with environmental laws and if they are trustworthy. References also give us an insight into the kind of company you are dealing with and how they will handle your personal information.

Make sure to follow these tips if you would like quality service and are interested in keeping your identity safe and secure.

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