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Hard Disk Destruction Service for Large Companies

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hard disk destruction service
Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
June 12, 2017

Regardless of the size of your company, all businesses will overtime acquire sensitive information from both customers as well as employees. It is up to the company to protect this identifying information from getting into the wrong hands. Large companies, in particular, are at an increased risk for security breaches as there is more information that needs to be secured. Large companies may want to consider hard disk destruction service to help with data security needs.

One of the best ways to ensure that sensitive and identifying information is kept out of the wrong hands is through data destruction. Often, with more and more information being stored on the cloud, large companies are left with old hard drives that are being phased out. These hard drives are a mecca of sensitive information that could cost the company millions if the information was breached. Even after all files are deleted, the original data is still stored in the hard drive and can be resurfaced. While there are different options to get rid of data stored on hard drives, physical destruction of a hard drive is the only process that 100% will make all data irretrievable.

Not only is the destruction of hard drives the best way to ensure that all data is irretrievable, and therefore provides there will be no security breaches, it is also an efficient option. For large companies with a high number of old hard drives, trying to wipe all hard drives or scrambling the data through the use of strong magnets can quickly become very costly. Hard drive destruction rates will be a more cost-effective solution, especially when considering the outcomes. For a large company, convenience will also be essential, which is why some data destruction companies will offer either in house or off-site destruction. Whether you want the company to come to you or securely remove all old hard drives to an offsite location, they will do whatever most fits your needs.

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