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Go Greener in Honor of Earth Day!

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happy earth day
Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
April 22, 2013

Is your house or office space cluttered with old and unused electronics? Are you unsure of how to handle or remove this clutter? Well in observance of Earth Day, why not take them to a reputable EPA-approved e-waste recycling firm that specializes not only in e-waste recycling but also in hard drive data destruction. Today, we celebrate Earth Day, a day that encourages society to go greener and protect mother-nature while promoting a sustainable environment through recycling and secure data destruction. In support of Earth Day, businesses and residents are encouraged to gather up all their obsolete and unwanted electronics including computers, cell phones, laptops, printers, and televisions and request a free pickup from a certified recycling firm. According to the Earth day organization, the U.S. produces approximately 50 million tons of e-waste per year and an astonishingly 25% or less of that are recycled and safely disposed of. So you might ask yourself, where does the rest of the e-waste end up? Well, most end up in landfills where lead and other toxic chemicals are released into the atmosphere causing pollution and health problems.

happy earth day

Many of us can relate to the endless amount of papers piled up in our offices yet how many of us do anything about it? A great alternative to recycling is donating the electronics to schools or charities that could put better use of these items. If a computer cannot be salvaged or repaired then the best thing to do is to recycle. Sometimes recycling is inevitable as in this very case. Keep in mind that recycling is a way for manufacturing companies to use parts from a recycled electronic and refurbish the item to be sold in stores. With that said, recycling serves a commercial purpose as well as an environmental one. Here are a few tips to keep your business and home a whole lot greener:

  • Gather together all your unused or obsolete electronics
  • Find a reliable recycling company for pickup service or on-site/drop-off service
  • For security, make sure to ask for proof of destruction. Most companies may provide a certificate of destruction so you can rest assured that your privacy and identity has been kept confidential.

By following these tips, you will have a piece of mind knowing that you not only cleaned up all that clutter but also did your part in helping the environment. Make saving the environment a habit instead of a one-time practice. Pledge an “act of green” today. Mother Nature will appreciate your good deed this Earth Day. If you’re looking for an Orange County data destruction center, then request a quote from West Coast Computer Recycler.

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