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Electronic Destruction Services: Ewaste or Data Destruction?

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electronic destruction services
Daliah Okoro
Daliah Okoro
May 2, 2017

When it comes to getting rid of e-waste, there are different ways to go about finding electronic destruction services. Depending on your needs, West Coast Computer Recycler can help you choose the best option for your business. This is because they offer different electronic destruction services. Not only do they offer to recycle for all your e-waste, but they also provide data destruction as well.

While these two methods may be similar, they are not the same. If you have several old electronic devices such as fax machines, scanners or printers that do not necessarily contain sensitive data, recycling these items is a good idea. Recycling these items means that some of the equipment may be refurbished or donated to charities. Recycling also means that these electronic devices will be broken down so that individual pieces can be recycled to help build other materials. Also, during the recycling process, precious metals such as gold and silver that are found in electronic devices can also be gathered up. When this happens, it means that less stress needs to be placed on the earth’s reserves and less mining will need to occur since the precious metals can be reused. When you recycle, you also do your part in keeping hazardous materials out of landfills.

While data destruction also gets rid of electronic waste, it is different in the fact that data destruction applies explicitly to electronic equipment that has sensitive information stored on it. Computer hard drives and storage sticks are everyday items that go through the data destruction process. During this process, things are completely shredded and destroyed, making it impossible to recover any sensitive data that may have been stored on them. If your company has several old hard drives that have confidential employee or customer information on them, it may be a good idea to consider data destruction.

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