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E-Waste Defined: Simple Ways to Save Money on E-Waste Recycling

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Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
August 7, 2014

With the increasing pace of technology, it is no wonder that e-waste is the most critical growing type of garbage. E-waste is any old technology, from old phones to computers to gaming systems. Many times, people do not know what to do with these old devices, so they throw them away where they end up in landfills. Other times, they are disposed of by taking them to an incinerator. Unfortunately, these are the wrong ways to dispose of e-waste. Learn what to do with your e-waste today.

When e-waste is thrown away into landfills, people do not realize that it is harmful to the Earth. Most computers, printers, etc. have toxic chemicals in them, such as lead, beryllium, and cadmium among others. So, when the e-waste ends up in landfills, these harmful chemicals can eventually seep out into the soil and may contaminate water supplies. Not only does this disrupt the local ecosystem and hurt wildlife, but it also endangers the people living in that community. The same goes for when e-waste is thrown in incinerators. The same toxic chemicals that can seep into the ground and released when they are burned which they get released into the atmosphere and the air we breathe. Thankfully, there are some things you can do instead of simply throwing away or incinerating your e-waste.

One useful thing that everyone can do to help the e-waste problem that is often overlooked is to reduce the number of technological upgrades you make. Right now, the average person is buying a new cell phone every 18 months! If you realize that your phone still works after your contract ends for example, then consider sticking with it even if there is a newer version out there. The environment will thank you!

Often, when you go to the local dump to drop off your e-waste, it’s not uncommon that you will be charged with a disposal fee. Sometimes, these fees can cost as much as $50! That means you are paying to harm the environment and local water supplies. Instead of doing this, contact a certified e-waste recycler – you can drop off your stuff completely free! These companies know the proper way of recycling electronics without harming the environment. So the next time you have some e-waste you want to get rid of, remember to contact a certified recycling company instead of just throwing it away. There are many professional e-waste recycling in Los Angeles, so call an accredited e-waste recycler when you’re in need!

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