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Don’t Be Guilty of Hoarding Old, Unused Electronics

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mounds of used computer equipment outside
Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
November 28, 2012

Keeping your home clutter free can be a struggle for most homeowners especially if you have tons of old items that you are unwilling to throw away. Majority of people will discard junk because they no longer find these items useful. However, for some people, it can be quite tricky throwing away old and even broken things. This type of behavior may characterize you as a ‘hoarder.’ Hoarders typically hold on to ‘junk’ because they have a hard time letting go of an item they once possessed. Some hoarders can be classified as severe or extreme while others are minor hoarders; meaning they hold on to certain things while they dispose of or give away items they don’t necessarily want or need. A few of the most common items people are likely to hoard are electronics, gadgets, and all things digital. Instead of throwing outdated and broken electronics, many hoarders will store them in their garages, living rooms, or even bedrooms. Hoarding can be a severe problem as it can interfere with your lifestyle, health and even relationships. With new technology and the latest gadgets hitting the shelves more often, consumers will never stop buying these electronics which begs the question: what should I do with my old electronics at home? For most of us, piling away old electronics would be the ideal choice, but this can cause a considerable amount of clutter. Storing away unused electronics instead of recycling would do more harm than good. Here are some tips to follow to help you avoid being a compulsive hoarder:

mounds of used computer equipment outside

Plan Ahead

Before deciding to throw your electronics away in the garbage make sure they do not contain any confidential information that you do not want anyone to recover. It is never a good idea to throw your cell phone, computer, laptop, and tablet in a dumpster or garbage. This not only harms the environment but it can potentially damage your identity as it may cause identity theft and data breaches. To avoid mindlessly throwing these electronics away it is recommended that you go to an e-waste recycling company that specializes in secure media destruction. Not all recycling companies have a data destruction service that is safe and secure. It is vital that you go to a recycling firm that is NAID certified and provides you a certification of destruction, so you have proof and confirmation that your electronics have been destroyed securely.

Organize & drop-off

Before finding a reputable e-waste recycling company to handle your waste, you must first organize all your electronics for drop-off. By recycling your electronics, you are not only helping out the environment, but you are also preventing clutter from taking over your home. Recycling also helps manufacturers reuse parts from these old electronics and then sell them as refurbished items. There are many phone companies like Verizon and Sprint that provide a buy-back or trade-in program which allows customers to trade in their old cell phones with new ones. Many of these programs practice proper recycling. By following these tips, you won’t have to worry about a messy and disorganized house again.

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