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Computer Security Day

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computer security
Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
November 30, 2018

Are you ready for national computer security day? Every year, this annual event is held on November 30th and is meant as a way to remind users of the importance of computer safety and security when it comes to personal and workplace responsibility. The day helps to promote and raise awareness about best practices when it comes to information and data security. Learning that you still need to consider security precautions with types of e-waste is one of these best practices.

There are several ways that you can participate in the national Computer Security Day. Some of the methods include updating your antivirus software and make sure it is properly installed and runnings. Consider changing your passwords and making sure they are strong passwords. Strong passwords will include capital and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols and will not use common words or phrases. If you have any unused programs, consider removing them from your computer. Make sure your work, as well as your home wireless network, is secured and if you have any critical data, make sure it'sā€™ backed up either on the cloud or on an external hard drive.

Another essential way to take part in national Computer Security Day is to get rid of e-waste properly. Individuals and companies can often forget that old electronic devices, or e-waste, contain a large amount of identifying and personal information. Just because you delete these files does not mean the information will not be irretrievable. Instead, the data remains on the hard drive and can be found by someone who knows what they are doing. One way to make sure old information stays out of the wrong hands is to send e-waste to a third party electronic recycler who will adequately dispose of your device. The physical destruction of hard drives and other forms of e-waste can ensure that your information stays secure.

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