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4 Steps to Protect Your Business with a Data Destruction Policy

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4 Steps to Protect Your Business with a Data Destruction Policy
Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall
June 6, 2014

As we enter into a world that is more technologically based, more business is done on computers and IT equipment. Although there are perks to this technology, there are also risks – one of which is a security breach of valuable data. As a business owner, this is an issue that must be faced to keep your business and clients safe – namely, a data destruction policy must be made to prevent any mistakes that will make you or your clients vulnerable. Additionally, it is imperative to consider hiring a secure data destruction company to keep your sensitive information safe from these risks.

The first step consists of identifying any possible areas or sources of a data breach. Common areas come from accidentally misplacing company equipment or from hackers stealing sensitive information. While these should be planned for, do not forget the commonly overlooked source of data breaching – the disposal process for IT equipment. While these pieces of equipment should be recycled or resold, they often go through several metaphorical hands before reaching their final destination. This exposes the opportunity for someone to come across and take information from the hard drive. By setting up a plan and working with companies that will allow you to track your old IT equipment, this is one step to better protecting your company.

The second and third steps go hand in hand. First, choose your desired method for the destruction of data and then pick the company that will do that for you. Sometimes, the equipment will be destroyed, leaving any information untraceable. Other times, the drive will be wiped, leaving an opportunity for the drive to be resold. When outsourcing the destruction of your data, make sure that the company you choose has a certification from a third party organization, such as the National Association for Information Destruction. This is one of the most important things that you can do to protect your business. When you choose a company that has been given an AAA certification by the NAID, it means you can feel safe with handing over your used IT equipment. This is because they go through an intense auditing process, which tests their equipment as well as their employees.

The final step is to make the destruction of your data a part of your IT asset disposition plan. There can be many steps from retiring your equipment to when it’s finally destroyed, so it is best to plan. Follow these easy steps to help ensure the safety of your data.

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