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Data Privacy Day – How to Observe, History, How to Stay Safe

Did you know that data privacy month 2018 is the month of January? Cyber security, including data security, has been a growing concern in recent years. With the improvements of technology, security breaches are more and more of a possibility. At the same time, there are things you can do to keep your data safe.


Data Privacy Day is recognized internationally and is celebrated on January 28th annually. The day was created in an effort to spread awareness about the importance of respecting privacy, enabling trust and safeguarding data. Data Privacy Day was first initiated in 2007 by the Council in Europe. The day then began in the United States the year after in January 2008. This day also commemorates the signing of Convention 108, which took place on January 28th in 1981. Convention 108 was the first legally binding international treaty that dealt with privacy as well as data protection. Additionally, the National Cyber Security Alliance is the official organization that leads the Data Privacy Day campaign through other groups and organizations are also involved. A few of the participating organizations include California Office of Privacy Protection, Carnegie Mellon University, Federal Communication Commission, Georgetown University, Federal Bureau of Investigation and more.


On Data Privacy Day it may be a good idea to check up on your own security habits. Check your computer for any viruses and determine whether or not your computer is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. There are ways to also get FREE online security check ups in order to help you figure out next steps to stay safe. If you have a businesses or are part of a company, there are certain things you should know about data breaches, risk management and how to best secure your data. This also includes data destruction and finding computer recycling in los angeles. Click here for more information on business resources for security.


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